Has your computer been attacked by malware recently? If yes and your files have been damaged or have disappeared, you shouldn’t conclude immediately that your device is already beyond recovery. That’s because in most cases computer viruses simply deal damage to the core files of a machine. Usually, it’s the system files that such applications ruin. With that in mind, your other files such as your documents or media files may still be okay. You may still be able to retrieve them somehow. By reformatting your PC and recovering the files that have been deleted, you may be able to not only clean your device but get back those that are important to you. For some more details about what were mentioned, you should refer to some tips below.

You don’t really have to reformat your computer right away if a virus has penetrated your device’s system. You do have the option to download an anti-malware application that could automatically stop a malicious program from running and also delete parts of a computer virus. There are notable brands that you may want to go for nowadays. However, before you try and download one of them, it is imperative that you diagnose your PC first to find out what has attacked it and then find out the most effective anti-virus application that could fix your machine. If your hard drive has been experiencing errors because of malicious software, you could also download a recovery application that’s made by known companies like SERT so that you could retrieve deleted files. Instead of simply checking out individual files and testing them out, you may want to utilize a program that can automatically evaluate the integrity of files and then make defective data recoverable. On the other hand, before you download, install and literally use software for file recovery, you have to clear your machine from a virus so that data could be retrieved without infecting the storage gadget where you’d transfer information and the application itself.

If you could still do so, it would be best for you to make all of the files of your computer visible so that you could delete system files that shouldn’t be there or those that have been made by the virus application. Also, making system documents available can help you get back data that have been made invisible by malware programming. If the folder settings that you have revert to hiding your files after you instructed it to show hidden or system files, you may want to make some adjustments to your folders in safe mode. You may not be able to use your computer normally in safe mode but you have the chance to at least stop a computer virus from executing its commands and manually get back files that you think have been deleted but have actually been made hidden or invisible.

However, if you’re having second thoughts about doing things on your own, you could always consult with a professional computer expert that have managed to fix computers of clients. There are many that can be hired and there are a few that are worth paying. Find at least one that is reliable so that you could fix your machine, get back your lost data and also make sure that a virus doesn’t come back anymore.